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Rebuild/Repair/Restore/Isaiah 58


In religious circles, people are so used to ask the question: "To which group do you belong" etc. They immediately want to know who you are part of and who you follow.

The main reason why this is asked is because the so-called "lone rangers" in the past brought on so much damage to the church of Jesus Christ. One of the reasons are because they often come and go and carry no long term responsibility for the people they minister to, prophecy to or lay hands on.

The apostolic reformation is trying to correct this "injustices" in the church and that is why it is so important to belong somewhere, especially with regards to responsibility, apostolic impartation etc. The most important word in this aspect is the word "relationships" - that what the Lord wants to do in the earth now, must be based on relationships (relational) and not so much on structures etc.

Judah Ministries is not part of a formal network, but of an corporate Apostolic fellowship where Thamo Naidoo is recognized as apostolic leader and father.

Mense is so gewoond om in godsdienstige kringe die vraag te vra: “Aan watter groep behoort jy” ens. Hulle wil dadelik weet waarvan jy deel is en wie jy volg.

Die grootste rede waarom hierdie vrae gevra word, is omdat die sogenaamde “lone rangers” in die velede al so baie skade aan die kerk van Jesus Christus aangerig het. Een van die redes hiervoor is omdat hulle dikwels kom en gaan en geen langtermyn verantwoordelikheid dra vir die mense vir wie hulle profeteer, preek en hande oplê nie.

Die apostoliese reformasie probeer om hierdie "ongeregtighede” in die kerk reg te stel en daarom is dit vir ons baie belangrik om iewers te behoort, veral met die oog op verantwoordbaarheid, apotoliese inspraak ens.

Die belangrikste woord in hierdie aspek is die woord “verhoudings” – dit wat die Here nou in die aarde wil doen, moet gebaseer wees op verhoudings en nie soseer op strukture ens nie.

Judah Bedieninge is nie deel van ‘n formele netwerk nie, maar wel van ‘n apostoliese vriendekring waarin Thamo Naidoo erken word as die apostoliese leier en vader.


Thamo Naidoo

Thamo Naidoo has been in ministry since 1985. He is a graduate of the Bethesda Bible College, Full Gospel Church of God, South Africa and has earned a Master of Theology degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

He has planted two pioneering works in South Africa – River of Life Christian Ministries (ROLCM) in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal (1994) and GATE Ministries Sandton in Sandton, Gauteng (2012).

Thamo currently provides spiritual oversight to churches both nationally and internationally.

Thamo travels extensively speaking to church leaders. His purpose is centred on the call for the restoration of the church to ancient biblical patterns of building and for the emergence of the corporate son of God in the earth. He accomplishes this through leadership and development interventions hosted over the course of the year that address current and pressing global issues. Two of these forums which are strategic and invaluable are the Apostolic Schools of Ministry and Perspectives on the Apostolic. He is the author of Gilgal: Principles Governing Transition into the Apostolic Reformation.

Thamo currently resides in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa with his wife Mirolyn and their three sons.

Shaun image

Shaun Blignaut

Shaun Blignaut is from Port Elizabeth and the founder of "Father's Heart Ministries". Shaun ministers a powerful apostolic word and has had impartation in many lives within Judah Ministries. He is recognized as a accurate Prophet.

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Randolph Barnwell

GATE MINISTRIES Durban Central [formerly Eternal Sound Ministries], was planted by Randolph and Rene Barnwell in Durban in September 2005. The church is apostolic-prophetic in emphasis and functions with the following mandate: 

  • to mature all people into the fullness of Christ, to facilitate the accomplishment of the eternal purposes of God, 
  • to accurately reflect God’s image and glory, 
  • to reconcile all things in Christ, both visible earthly and invisible heavenly realms.

Visit and ‘like’ the ‘GATE MINISTRIES Durban Central’ Facebook page OR ‘follow’ Gate Ministries Durban Central on Twitter and keep informed as to themes that will be taught each week.